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Wilf Lunn Autobiography
signed copy of Wilf's book ORDER NOW
Wilf Lunn's book 'My Best Cellar'
(his autobiography to the age of eleven)
can now be ordered online.

£ 9.99  (signed copy !)
download book sample here

Wilf Lunn " My Best Cellar" Book Reviews: 
The most interesting book I have read this year. I have read many autobiographies over the years, many of them regarding famous comedians, but never have I chuckled through a book as much - Arfon Jones

Wilf's book is superb. I honestly have not laughed as much for ages ...
and laughed out loud at that ! I had to put the book down several times to dry my eyes. - Graham Jenkinson
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Wilf Lunn's, set of 4
'limited edition' surreal cycle prints

* only £ 19.95 (inc. delivery in UK)  more info

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'Chewing Gum Menace'
ruining our streets:
Wilf takes his life in his hands trying
to solve a wildlife problem:
chewing gum menace here owl scarer video here

Wilf quotation: "There are only two schools of art today, the 'Expensivist' and the rest."

wilf lunn wilf lunn
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