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Wilf Lunn first started writing and making miniature bicycles (out of firewood wire) when he was teaching lip-reading & religious knowledge at 'Odsal House School For the Deaf' in Yorkshire.

The parents of James Mason, the film star, lived on the same street as Wilf, in Huddersfield, and Wilf met James when he was visiting them (more about their first meeting here). James Mason advised Wilf only to write about subjects within his experience. Wilf had already written a TV play called 'Benny Rolly' which, unusually for the time, was without dialogue.

James Mason introduced Wilf to an agent, Blanche Marvin. She thought that, since Wilf's play had no dialogue, it would be of interest to the deaf so she arranged an interview with Patrick Dowling the producer of VISION ON and Wilf took along some of his models. He said he couldn't use Wilf, but suggested he should have an exhibition of his cycles, which Blanche arranged. On the opening night, Joan Bakewell, the TV presenter, visited and asked Wilf if he'd like to be on television. Being slightly the worse for drink Wilf said, "Yes …when?" to which she replied, "Tonight!" and so, Wilf did his first TV show, LATE NIGHT LINE UP.

Wilf Lunn TV personality
Wilf, the ventriloquist bear & it's dummy

After that Wilf was invited to appear on MAGPIE, a rival children's show to BLUE PETER. He was asked if he could do something other than talk about cycles, so he did one show about bottles and one about the history of the domestic smoothing iron. In the meantime Patrick Dowling approached Wilf about making a 'door bell machine'. Wilf had never done anything like that before but said "Yes". He appeared with the machine on VISION ON, the award-winning programme that Wilf then appeared on for many years.

On his career, Wilf comments: I found that in my life, I set out to do something and put a lot of effort in to it but when I show the project to someone they say "That's very nice but could you do this for us instead". For example, when I got some publicity for putting a bicycle in a bottle, the only interest that was shown was by a man who telephoned me to ask, "Are you the man that put a bicycle in a bottle?" When I excitedly replied that I was, he said, "You can help me… I reckon that if you can put a bicycle in a bottle you'll be able to show me how to make a three-piece suit cheaper than any one else".

Vision On Television Show
Wilf in a VISION ON show
Late Night Line Up - Magpie - Vision On (series) - Eureka (series)
Jigsaw (series) - Ask Aspel - Patently Obvious (series) - Object in Question
Jim'll Fix It - writer & presenter of What's The Idea (series) - Game For A Laugh
6o'clock show - Home James (James Mason documentary)
Mad Science (series) - The Word - See It Saw It (puppets)
3,2,1 (game designer) - Mooncat (presenter)
Art director for Magic Music Man (Oxford University Press)
Fun Factory (series) - Rolf on Saturday (series)
Fantastic Facts (with Jonathan Ross)


STAGE SHOWS include:
Huddersfield Novelty Suicide Company - Disco Queen (pantomime)
Covent Garden Theatre Museum (one-man-show)
After dinner speaker at many venues including:
Edinburgh School of Architecture winter school & the Society of Industrial Artists Golden Jubilee. Panel of judges for the 'World Disco Championship.

PUBLICATIONS: Mad things to make from Vision On
The Cycle - Grotty Gifts - The Not So Silent Snot Dancer - Alternative Christmas Trees.

Ansdel Gallery, London - Midland Bank, Huddersfield Midland Bank, Leeds - Post House,Yarm
Woburn Abbey.

CONTRIBUTIONS: Magpie Annual - Puffin Annual
Alternative Book of Records (illustrator)
FHM (magazine) - Jigsaw Quiz Book (illustrator)
Hahn Film Berlin (advisor/writer)
Asterisk goes to America (feature cartoon film)
Werner (cartoon) - Napoleon (cartoon)
Wilf and the Sumo Slugs (cartoon film shown at the Florence cartoon festival).
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Wilf Lunn Home Page cycles, bicycles,tricycles cartoons, animation inventions how to make


rare rude & handy objet d'aft autobiography christmas trees